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No One Prepared Me for This…

You always hear about the terrible twos and the torment a new toddler can dish out. You hear they are full of talking back, power struggles, and the unwavering “mom, mom, mama, mum, mom, mommy, mom.” Then you think, suddenly, when dawn breaks on the child’s third birthday… it disappears.

Well, my friend, you could not be more wrong. Terrible threes are a real thing and they come with more force than a category 5 hurricane. So for those of you who have two-year-olds, enjoy the sass and prepare to hunker down.

When Mark turned three, there wasn’t much of a change in her personality or development. It wasn’t until maybe two months later that he suddenly became the tiny terror I am describing but recently, it has gotten more intense.

I know I should be happy. I know I should embrace this newfound independence and this sense of maturity, but MY GOD. AT WHAT COST?! I should probably specify that Mark is only ‘aggressive’ toward me. I use the term ‘aggressive’ lightly because he is by no means demonstrating hulk strength and throwing me or our dog across the room, but he does get very attitude-y with me complete with back sass and the tendency to want to hit to match.

I know that age three is full of emotions. Kids are immersed in new environments with other children. They are open to new ideas and are learning how to implement these ideas. As they adjust to this new “invincible” attitude, we as parents have to adjust to it too. For me, its a major adjustment that comes with letting go and letting him grow.

For as much as I would love to keep my little squishy face, snuggly, mama’s boy- I know that as he grows, its my job to nurture his curiosity, his wonder, and his adventurous side- no matter how terrifying this may be.

As we get closer to Mark turning 4, I notice a lot of changes in his personality. He definitely has an opinion and will gladly share it with anyone who will listen. He doesn’t know a stranger. He has plenty of friends and loves to be silly. He is becoming more and more of a daredevil and will test your patience to no limits.

As I am currently dealing with another “moment”, I know that I should embrace it- hunker down with my tiny terror category 5 hurricane before it all calms down and a new era begins.